Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey

Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey

Gluten FreeCherry Maple Smoked Turkey Jerky Nutrition Facts

"Just wanted to thank you for the awesome jerky! It was such a pleasure to receive the jerky while I am deployed. My UK friends/coworkers were once again humbled by being wrong they admitted that your jerky was much better then UK jerky. Thanks again. "
- Zach H.
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Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey Jerky

Turkey. Jerky. The two just go together. Even better, it just so happens that the only way Saul could lure turkeys into barns was with his special cherry maple sauce that helps the jerky slide right down your gullet. Now if that's not the jerky gods smiling down upon us, I don't know what is.

Our Cherry Maple Smoked Turkey carries a strong taste of turkey with subtle hints of cherry and maple. It is quite sweet and is one of our thicker cut styles. The smokiness comes through after the initial taste of turkey and sweetness.