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Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face.
The Legend
Teriyaki Hunter Sausage

Teriyaki Hunter Sausage

Teriyaki Hunter Sausage Nutrition Facts

"I got my order today. Love the Jerky!"
- Dan L.
"The jerky is good, the sausages are phenomenal...I will be placing a second order soon."
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Teriyaki Hunter Sausage

This stuff should really come with a warning label. As much flavor as we've packed into it, it's liable to explode when you take a bite. But you’re a man, and you’re willing to take that risk.

The Teriyaki Hunter Sausage has a mildly salty teriyaki taste that is dominated by the taste of pork. It is very tender and ends with sweet-smoky finish with a hint of spice.