Cherry Maple Smoked Beef

Cherry Maple Smoked Beef

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"First of all, I want to praise you for making such fine products. These deep fried peanuts are out of this world. Literally, how do you find peanut shells with 4 peanuts, that is amazing! The flavor oh my god so good! I wish I had ordered these before. Your jerky, without a doubt ridiculously good; I love the cherry maple the best! Keep up the good work, jerky gods."
- Ryan L
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Cherry Maple Smoked Beef Jerky

Think of it like jerky with a cherry on top. But obviously, a real man would never put a cherry on top of his jerky, so we combined cherries and maple syrup and smoked that flavor right into the heart of the beast.

Cherry Maple Smoked Beef Jerky offers thick slabs of jerky with a hearty beef taste. Starting off with a mild cherry sweetness, you will also taste a hint of maple and a light smokiness. This is one of our most mild jerky varieties.