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Cherry Mini Hunter’s Sausage

Cherry Mini Hunter’s Sausage

Gluten Free Cherry Mini Hunter’s Sausage Nutrition Facts

"Your animal products are delicious; in fact I've already recommended several of the ones I have tried so far."
- Everette P
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Cherry Mini Hunter’s Sausage

While deep into his journey to find the best jerky and sausage combinations, Saul realized northern Michigan was pretty famous for their cherries. Lucky for us he did.  Luckily for you there is now a manly way to enjoy these sweet treats.  Next time you feel like sucking on a cherry and spitting out the seed maybe you should take off your skirt and grab a bag of these.

Cherry Mini Hunter’s Sausage carries the tart yet sweet signature of Michigan’s wild cherries. The sausage itself is soft inside, crisp outside and offers hints of salt and smoke to compliment the bold cherry taste.