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Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face.
The Legend
Honey Pepper Bacon Sausage

Honey Pepper Bacon Sausage

Honey Pepper Bacon Sausage Nutrition Facts

"I must admit, this is hands down the best jerky I've ever had. Will recommend to all of my friends."
- Tim K.
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Honey Pepper Bacon Sausage

This is the favorite of hunters and fishermen worldwide.  Sausage flavored with honey, pepper and the mother of all meats, bacon. This amazing combo eliminates girlishness almost instantly.  Feed this to your sons to ensure a manly family line. Saul once heard a rumor that Chuck Norris was made of this stuff.  We can’t speak to the authenticity of this rumor, but his manliness is proof enough for us.

Honey Pepper Bacon Sausage explodes in your mouth with strong notes of honey and black pepper. It is just a great combination of sweet and spicy, with a bacon smokiness coming in at the end.