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Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face.
The Legend
Blazin' Hot Smoked Beef Jerky

Blazin' Hot Smoked Beef Jerky

Gluten Free Blazin' Hot Smoked Beef Jerky Nutrition Facts

"I received my order a few days ago and it is the best I ever had. I will tell all my friends at the hunting camp about your product!"
- Danny J.
"Got my mini sampler today. Initial fave is the blazin' hot beef. Nice heat!"
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Blazin' Hot Smoked Beef Jerky

Some say where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We say where there’s smoke, there's an opportunity for killer jerky. But consider ye warned – this stuff is a rite of passage in some areas of the world.

This scorching tribute to heat-lovers packs a natural punch, being seasoned with red pepper flakes rather than a hot sauce flavor. The Blazin’ Hot Beef Jerky’s peppery flavor is complimented by a sriracha spice blend that matches the jerky’s beefy demeanor. Be careful!