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Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face.
The Legend
Original Hunter Sausage

Original Hunter Sausage

Gluten Free Original Hunter Sausage Nutrition Facts

"I have just received your sampler pack. Thank you for the prompt shipping. You have a great flavor selection and I had to hide the bag from myself (couldn’t resist opening the different packs). Thanks again for a really great product."
- Jim B.
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Original Hunter Sausage

Even the hardest-working guy requires a quick, flavorful sausage break. What we’ve got here is the hunter sausage of choice for Saul himself after work days that could only be described as barn burners.

Sometimes you just want a snack that isn’t too crazy. The Original Hunter Sausage will deliver you mouthwatering goodness with a slightly smoky, slightly salty, classic pork sausage flavor.