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Our jerky punches gas station jerky in the face.
The Legend
Sweet 'n Hot Smoked Beef Jerky

Sweet 'n Hot Smoked Beef Jerky

Gluten Free Sweet 'n Hot Smoked Beef Jerky Nutrition Facts

"I just wanted to say that your Sweet-n-Hot Smoked Beef jerky is now probably my favorite jerky. Please never stop making it. "
- Anthony F
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Sweet 'n Hot Smoked Beef Jerky

Saul had been eyeing one barn in particular for quite some time. You see, an old quarreling couple lived on a farm with this flammable target. The old lady had a sweet tooth, while the old man needed his smoky fix. Saul set fire and went to barn-burning jerky heaven. Sweet, smoky – you could say it was the perfect marriage.

Sweet’ n Hot Smoked Beef Jerky gives you the best of both worlds. This jerky starts off salty and slightly sweet, and ends with black pepper heat. It may seem mild at first, but let the heat creep in and you might taste things differently…