Jalepeno Hunter Sausage

Jalepeno Hunter Sausage

Gluten FreeJalapeno Hunter Sausage Nutrition Facts

"Hey guys, just got one of your sausage sampler packs in the mail.... oh boy is it delicious! And unfortunately I'm chowing through it pretty fast. Another order is in order!"
- Steve E.
"Almost out of my last order of sausages, time to order more! The Original and Jalapeno are my faves." -Exile10901
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Jalapeno Hunter Sausage

This is the jerky that separates the men from the girly men. You have two options, and only one of them ends with you escaping ridicule. Choose wisely, sir. Or is it ma’am?

Jalapeno Hunter Sausage is great for someone who loves the taste of jalapenos, but not the intense heat that comes with them. This sausage offers a slow-building medium heat level with real jalapeno flavor.