The Birth of an Icon



On May 31, 1930, a young boy was born to a working-class family of San Francisco. He weighed 11Ibs 4 oz. His name was Clint Eastwood – and he would grow up to be a giant bad ass.


In recent declining years, Eastwood has been caught talking to an empty chair, pulling his pants up above his nipples and snarling through Chrysler commercials. However, the golden years of Clint Eastwood are a part of American history, and can never be forgotten.


Before Clint Eastwood was known for his acting – he was a soldier. In 1951, Eastwood was drafted into the United States Army at the height of the Korean War. While on leave, his crew’s Douglas AD bomber crash-landed in the ocean… THE OCEAN!


Instead of dying, Eastwood swam three miles to shore with his fellow soldiers. Wow, what a beast.


The early sixties arrived while Eastwood was stationed at Fort Ord, CA. A brand new show was being filmed called, “Rawhide”. One of the assistants noticed Eastwood, and he was signed shortly thereafter. I’ll give you one guess as to who’s beautiful songbird voice is singing this song about his “Rawhide” character, “Rowdy”… yep, it’s Clint.



At the beginning of his career, Eastwood had a hard time with acting basics. Many directors complained that since he was not formally trained – he turned the wrong way, and said the wrong lines… they also didn’t like how he hissed through his dialogue. We sure do though!


Warning: This is pure uncensored Eastwood.



However, this helped him secure his role with Sergio Leone’s “Dollars” trilogy. This trilogy was originally offered to Eastwood’s “Rawhide” costar Eric Flemming, who turned it down. Eastwood received $15,000 for the job, along with a new Mercedes Benz upon completion… Man, did Eric mess up on that, or what?


After his Western days, Eastwood became famous as Harry Callahan – the cop who didn’t follow the rules (or carry the standard police issue pistol, whoa…) This .45-weilding psychopath would basically put holes through anyone who crossed his path. If you haven’t seen “Dirty Harry”… go see it right now.


Seriously, stop reading this, get up from wherever you are – and go BUY “Dirty Harry”.



After the success of the Harry Callahan films, Eastwood became the Mayor of a small town in California, a composer, a pianist, an activist and a pilot.


Clint Eastwood is a man to be idolized. He talks like a cowboy, he shoots like a maniac and he smokes like he was born with a cigar in his mouth. Next time one of his movies are on TV, don’t flip the channel… pause it with your DVR, and look up that monologue with the empty chair – it’s absurd.



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