Taking Selfies



Selfie (according to Wikipedia): “A selfie is a genre of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking and photo sharing services such as MySpace, Facebook, and Instagram, where they are commonly posted.”


Calling a selfie a “genre of self-photography” is giving this practice way too much credit. When you hear “self-photography” what comes to mind should be Ansel Adams in the forest, with a film camera – not a high school aged girl with a body image complex.


The fact is, many of these photos posted to social media channels are being done so with specific intentions. Where do we draw the line? Are all self-taken photos a cry for help? Certainly not. Let’s explore what makes some selfies awesome… and some just depressing.




This is sad because of the photographer’s obvious delusional tendencies. Just be yourself… if your lips are like that naturally – tone down the attention brought upon them.





2) Fishing For Compliments SAD AND DEPRESSING


This is the type of selfie that ruins the rest. It is designed to create a specific reaction, warranting the poster an imaginary boost of what little confidence they may have. The selfie shot gives the photographer control over the subject – themselves. This makes for an insecure or self-doubting person’s playground. Staging these photos ins’t genuine. It’s kind of sad, and pathetic. These “photographers” need some true confidence in their lives… which can’t be given via Facebook likes and comments. Confidence comes from loving and believing in yourself – not asking other to do so.




3) Accomplishment APPROVED


When you overcome an obstacle so exciting that it must be shared with the world – go for it! People love to see others triumph.





4) Selfies with Others APPROVED


No problem here. How else can two people have their picture taken without asking a stranger?





5) Scenery APPROVED


Sometimes a selfie is less about the photographer – and more about where they are at… like Mars.





6) Being Humorous APPROVED


If we’re laughing with you, and not at you – snap away!






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