Personalized Online Ads

Remember that item you almost bought on Amazon and then decided it was impractical, too expensive or just plain wasteful? Your ads remember.
They remember so well, that now, when you want to visit your favorite game site during work – the ads remind you of what “you like.” “Hey [proxy user 4387465] look what we found you! Aren’t we great?!” No, no you’re not.
These ad spaces are designed to aggregate the most trivial of visits to sites that would be embarrassing to be discovered by others in your search history. In fact, you should go ahead and clear that right now… seriously. Clear that.
Adware, the formal name for this travesty, is an online marketer’s wonderland. This technology requires archiving cookies from a user, and using those against them in the most irritating way. You have most likely seen examples of this as you browse the web.
The definition defined by Webopedia: “Adware is the common name used to describe software that is given to the user with advertisements embedded in the application. Adware is considered a legitimate alternative offered to consumers who do not wish to pay for software.” Get it?
You are looking at your favorite sports site when suddenly, an ad pops up for a sale on footballs, or you are browsing your recently viewed tab opened to a music magazine – only to see an ad for, you guesses it, a guitar super sale! These are the ads that target your interests, yet are usually slightly off.
You don’t know me ads! You don’t know my life!
For example, while researching for the Victoria’s Secret article for this week’s BOJ blog story – look what popped up while exploring the topic of Adware. Yep, it thinks I’m a 20-year-old girl searching for underwear… well at least searches are throwing it off.
How do we combat these forces of evil? Is there anything we can do? YES.
Just ask this guy…

Another way to get these pesky ads off your back is to install ad blocker software on your browser. This can be as easy as a quick plugin (for browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.) Take a look at these links for more help ridding these ads of your eye’s view.

Good luck combating this beast of technology marketing. These types of ads are tricky, but there is hope that consumer may remain trickier.

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