5 Awesome Jerky and Cheese Pairings

Jerky and cheese. You may have already figured out these two food BFF’s belong together and are the pinnacle of awesomeness. If you have, congratulations, like me you’re a genius.

There are many occasions that require both jerky and cheese—fancy or not-so-fancy gatherings for any occasion, tailgating, camping trips, or any other time you may be hungry. One question remains though, what types of cheese and jerky should you eat? Any and all really, but some combinations are better than others.


This cheese is mellow and has a rich Carmel-flavor. Slightly sweet and musky, it is great for toning down the taste buds after eating something spicy.

Goes well with Blazin’ Hot Smoked Beef Jerky


Nutty, mildly sweet, and buttery, this cheese also goes well with spicy meats.

Goes well with Cajun BBQ Brisket Jerky


A truly mellow yet slightly nutty delight, this cheese is perfect alongside something smoky.

Goes well with Smoked Venison Jerky


This soft, creamy cheese is slightly salty and almost melts on the tongue. Except for the light sprinkling of paprika on its orange exterior, this cheese is very mild.

Goes well with Original Smoked Beef Jerky


Smooth and buttery, this cheese is mild at the surface, but contains a hidden intensity that is slightly acidic and salty.

Goes well with Cherry Maple Smoked Jerky

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