Jerky and Road Trips



It’s not a road trip until you have some jerky in the car/van/Conestoga wagon. This is a practice as old as the idea of road tripping – what do you think cowboys ate on their horse? Jerky of all kinds can be stored for long periods of time, eaten with minimal mess and mixed with other snacks for a hit-the-road snacking experience like no other.


Here is a guide to road tripping with jerky on board. Preparation is key to enjoying jerky while keeping rest stops and gas stations at a minimum. (Those bathrooms are gnarly.)



1) Stock your meat snacks ahead of time

Rather than spend an arm and a leg, buying in bulk can save road-trippers money “down the road”, as well as keep you out of sketchy, middle-of-nowhere gas stations fit for a slasher movie. Grabbing a big bag of jerky is great for long trips – especially on a tight time schedule and budget. Plus, inconsistent jerky quality can be a taste bud killer – stick with one you know will make the whole vehicle happy. Create snack-sized portions by separating servings into Ziploc bags for enjoying at a responsible quantity. (Jerky overdosing is not a laughing matter.)



2) Pack dining supplies

“It’s jerky! What could I possibly need utensils for?” Valid question. How many times have you chewed a delicious hunk of meat, only to result in a pesky piece stuck in your chompers? We all have… don’t be ashamed. This can be avoided by bringing along a pack of toothpicks. Never again will dad be furious because little jimmy needs to stop and dig at his braces for a thick chunk of beef. Also, many varieties of jerky can leave residue. (Most tender game jerky and flavored jerky are the main culprits of this offense.) Sure you can lick those fingers, however, the dvd player/Gameboy will appreciate you packing a few wet wipes – just to be sure.



3) Get creative

As always, free styling is recommended. Grab a bag of pretzel sticks, peanuts or any other delicious salty snack for an explosion of flavor, and a new favorite road snack. Pairing bits of jerky with a new snack can be intimidating, so we’ll give you a hand.


Original flavors: Try a salty favorite! Small pretzels and chips are a fantastic addition.


Spicy: Throw something neutral into the mix. Peanuts work great! (If you are truly a heat-seeker you can add BOJ Cajun Deep Fried Peanuts for a flavor bomb of spice!)


Sweet: Trail mix, dried fruit and peanut M&Ms are a great compliment to anything sweet and savory.


Good luck out there on the open road! Be sure to follow these easy tips to creating a care-free trip with plenty to snack on – without having to settle for pepperoni sticks in a dirty, plastic tub.

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