Jerky and Personality Types



What can a flavor tell you about someone’s personality? Do those that find certain flavors desirable tell us something about who they are?



Well, according to Neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch’s book, “What Flavor is your Personality?” – flavors can reveal a great deal about a person’s personality.


As Director of the Smell and Taste Research and Treatment Foundation in Chicago, Dr. Hirsch has compiled more than 25 years of evidence towards his claim, as well as studied approximately 20,000 people and their flavor choices.


According to Dr. Hirsch’s guide, here is what your favorite BOJ flavor says about your personality…


Blazin’ Hot Beef, Sweet n’ Hot beef and Jalapeño Hunter Sausage




This flavor profile suggests that those who crave spicy foods are perfectionists. These spice-lovers give great attention to detail, love organization and order – and absolutely hate to waste time. If you find yourself pouring hot sauce on everything, this may describe your knack for control and stability.


Honey BBQ Beef, Cherry Maple Turkey and Peanut Brittle Deep-Fried Peanuts



Those that crave a sweet taste are often thought of as wild, and free spirited. According Dr. Hirsch, these sweet tooth toting candy-cravers are hedonistic, like to stand out from the crowd and feel special. If you find yourself in the mood for a doughnut or bag of Twizzlers on a regular basis, you may be a free-spirited artist in denial. (How sweet…)


Original Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Teriyaki Hunter Sausage




Those craving a salty snack can be categorized as easy-going. This type of flavor personality may believe that external forces, rather than their actions, determine the fate of an individual. If you find yourself constantly polishing off sleeves of saltines, you may have a condition known as, “going with the flow.”


According to these findings, those that crave certain flavors on a regular basis could be revealing a bit about their true personality. The next time you’re eating out – pay attention! Your date could be trying to tell you something.


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