Jerky and Gaming

Not board games – video games. So you can take your Candyland-loving, dice rolling, shoots and ladders having self right off of this blog post!
(Just kidding. Board games are pretty cool too… ‘Settlers of Catan’ anyone?)
In all seriousness, nothing compliments a fine piece of technology entertainment like a steady arsenal of snacks. Gamer favorites include: Mountain Dew (all the colors mixed together), Doritos (all the flavors mixed together) and the mother of all snacks – jerky. You guessed it.
What makes this snack so wonderful for gaming, you might ask? Well let the ole’ BOJ blog help you understand the amazing snack that is fit for any 14-hour marathon of “Skyrim.”

1. Portability

You can take this snack anywhere. We have already explored the wonders of camping, road tripping, fitness training, cooking and soaking up beer with this delicious dried meat… why not simply enjoy jerky on your couch? The beauty of this snack is its easily adaptable nature. Put strips in a cup, bag or bowl – shoot, you can hollow out a cantaloupe and fill it with meat if you’d like… nobody’s going to judge you.

2. Cleanliness

Everybody has seen these fingers before. They are fun to suck cheese off of, but not so great for your controller. Gamers need a snack that won’t interfere with their play, or ruin their equipment. Jerky is dried and lasts a long time. This means that piece caught in between the cushions of your lazy boy won’t start to smell or leave residue. In fact, leave it for later. Those bonus levels in Super Mario World will have you calling for an extra dose of snacking anyway.

3. Health Factor

Let’s be honest. Sitting in a chair for 5 hours moving your thumbs isn’t the best workout… Doritos don’t help. Snack on something high in protein and low in calories to combat the fact that “Zelda: The Ocarina of Time” is not going to get you any thinner. Jerky is hearty and easy to eat. Try a flavor that won’t burn your tongue off and you’ll be in for a long night of first-person-shooter snacking.

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