Jerky and Fitness



In a nutritionally conscious society, vitamins, supplements and protein bars that taste like a burnt sewer rat have become acceptable varieties of a “workout snack”.


As the world is becoming interested in healthy living, more people are searching for the perfect healthy snack. What ever happened to the original protein shake? Meat!


Jerky is a great replacement for foul tasting muscle powders and 1000 calorie “bulk bars” that seem to be more of a fad than a solution. Let’s explore the 1.5 million-year-old fad of human beings eating delicious meat – and how it can benefit your specific workout regiment.


Here are some suggestions for pairing BOJ snacks and your health goals.


1)                 Weight Loss


If your fitness goal is to simply lose weight, than a diet of lean protein is for you. While completing cardio exercise workouts along with weight training, you are going to need a snack that will fill you up… but not stretch you out. That low calorie, low fat snack is a bag of BOJ’s Buffalo Jerky. This snack is lean, filling and full of protein.



2)                 Building Muscle


Those looking to gain muscle mass will need additional calories, and a more hearty snack between lifting. BOJ’s Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky is a lean, low fat meat-type with a knack for building muscle. Looking for a great tasting protein supplement? Choose the original – wonderful jerky of turkey!



3)                 Eating Healthier


If your goal is simply to eat better, you may stumble across the gluten-free revolution. Many experts claim that gluten can cause bloating, weight gain and fat deposits for those ingesting wheat products regularly. The solution? Gluten-free jerky. Try any of the following varieties of BOJ products to avoid fat storing gluten:


Original Beef, Cherry Maple Turkey, Blazin’ Hot Beef, Peppercorn Beef, Cherry Maple Beef and Sweet-N-Hot Beef.


Jerky remains a great source of natural protein, gluten-free snacking and muscle building meat for any health enthusiast. Next time your workout break is in need for a snack, skip the nasty protein bar – go straight for the bag of meat!



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