Jerky and Eating Gluten Free

“Gluten-free.” Nowadays we’re seeing this marking on products from breakfast cereal, to alcoholic beverages, to bread… and even chocolate. So is it really something consumers can benefit from, or is this just the next fad diet? The truth is, many people suffer from a mild allergy to wheat, or more specifically, a product of wheat – gluten.
Gluten is a complex protein composite produced from wheat, barley and rye. It gives elasticity to dough – helping it to rise, keep its shape and give products a chewy texture. Sounds great right? We’ll see.
This guy is super excited about the benefits of being gluten-free.

Gluten-free diets don’t exclude all grains and starches, in fact, corn, potatoes, rice, tapioca, yam and chia seed are all accepted as gluten-free foods. (Yes, chia seeds… like the hair-growing potted sprouts.) Under law, products labeled “glueten-free” must bear a marking showing that it has been tested for gluten content.
Gluten-free labels must, by standards of the FDA, contain less than 20 parts per million. This amount is registered safe for those with mild allergies and celiac disease. Since flour contains 12 percent gluten, even a small amount of flour can contaminate a non-gluten product. Standards for producing gluten-free products have recently been adopted by the FDA but participation is still voluntary.
One of the many products that can be naturally gluten-free is… yep (you’re always right)… jerky!
Not all jerky is gluten-free, but many types can be made with gluten free ingredients. Those with gluten sensitivity can be at ease knowing that many varieties are available on the market.
BOJ is proudly catering to those looking to cut gluten from their diet with a special sample pack designed for our gluten-free friends. The following products from BOJ are proudly gluten-free, tested by Eliza Technologies to contain less than 10 PPM:
- Original Beef
- Original Turkey
- Blazin’ Hot Beef
- Peppercorn Beef
- Cherry Maple Beef
- Cherry Maple Turkey
- Sweet-N-Hot Beef
- Original Hunter Sausage
- Garlic Hunter Sausage
- Hot Hunter Sausage
Not all jerky is the same. (Pshh! You can say that again.) So be sure to check the label on any product you are unsure about. This offering was made available due to the large request for gluten-free items. For more gluten-free items, check your local grocer’s “gluten-free” isle, rather than look for an item on its gluten-infused counterpart’s shelf. Many stores are hopping on the bandwagon with this trend, so keep your eyes peeled for those claiming to be gluten-free when they are in fact – not.
Here is a great website for gluten-free recipes.

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