Jerky and Camping



As Memorial Day approaches, many American families are planning their annual trip to the middle of nowhere to sleep under the stars, burn marshmallows and fight off bears. This wonderful pastime can be customized to fit any tolerance for the elements, as many “campers” choose to spend their vacation playing Xbox within the comforts of the family RV.


Regardless, if you go camping – you’re going to get hungry. Jerky remains one of the greatest camping snacks on earth. It is easily stored, tough to spoil and a great alternative for brushing your teeth.


Jerky is high in protein and easy to eat. Plus, what better way to experience a more natural way of life than a fistful of meat?


Here is a guide for enjoying your delicious meats while battling nature’s curveballs on Memorial Day.



1)      Jerk Responsibly (Practice Jerky Safety)


As with all foods while camping, be sure to store your jerky properly. If something smells good to you, it will smell even better to a critter, rodent or something bigger and harrier. (Sasquatch IS REAL.) Be sure to secure a spot whether it is a steel container with a lock, or a bear bag. Here is an easy way to make a bear bag for camping with tasty treats.




2)      Be Prepared


If your trip will extend the entire weekend, you are going to need more than a gas station-sized bag. Buying bags in bulk is incredibly cheaper, and can be resealed for the long drive home. However, bulk bags are generally too big to carry on hiking excursions, and dropping that bag off the boat would be blasphemous. Be sure to pack individually bagged servings for your activities throughout the day, and to save a small stash for not sharing with others. Here is a great way to hide the jerky you may not be feeling generous with… it worked in Jurassic park, right?


Here is a link to purchase one of these T-Rex egg smugglers: )




3)      Be Creative


If you want to experience the true versatility of this delicious snack – get imaginative.


Put some jerky on that hook and watch what you pull out of the water! (Original works well, however, fish don’t care too much for the spicy stuff… poor Goldie found that out the hard way. RIP Goldie.)




Grab a stick that you’ve used for your S’mores and impale some jerky with it! Roasting the dried meat for a minute or so will soften the piece and make it a great hot snack for when the sun goes down.


If you can follow these simple rules, jerky is a great snack choice for all things outdoors.  Whether hiking, fishing or just playing Super Mario Bros. in the mobile trailer… jerky is the one-snack-feeds-all!




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