Hunter Sausage and Cheese

The pairing of meats and cheeses is truly older than recorded history. By the time Rome was established, cheese making was an age-old practice and animals were being slaughtered by the boat-load. (Hooray for meat!) The natural complementary qualities of these two foods need no further exploration, however, pairing these two foods has become a sophisticated art form for meat and cheese connoisseurs alike.
Let’s discuss the best flavor combinations of these two celebrated, savory snacks.
Original Hunter Sausage
Recommended Cheese: Classic Cheddar

Who doesn’t like cheddar cheese? It comes in a variety of flavors, depending on the boldness, hardness and color of the product. The pairing of these two is a match made in savory-snacking heaven. Carve some sharp cheddar straight from the block to experience a robust and complete flavor explosion. Cheddar cheese cubes are great for that melt-in-your-mouth texture and classic taste that all cheese dwellers know. Snap off a piece of hunter sausage to complete this already perfect snack.
Garlic Hunter Sausage
Recommended Cheese: Classic Romano or Parmesan

These hard, salty cheeses provide a great subtle flavor that compliments almost anything Italian. Garlic and Romano cheeses are a staple in many Italian dishes, and encourage a bold experience in flavor… as well as unforgettable after-dinner breath. Carve a chunk straight from the block (use your muscles), and combine it with the strong but appropriate flavor of Garlic Hunter Sausage for the classic Italian flavor experience fit for the couch.
Jalapeno and Hot Hunter Sausage
Recommended Cheese: Fresh or dried Mozzarella

Ah, Mozzarella. We meet again. Dried mozzarella can be shaved or chopped from a block and enjoyed like the varieties above, however, the true difference will become known when using a fresh ball of this tasty dairy revelation. The soft texture of Mozzarella can be shaped around a piece of sausage and eaten all at once. The creamy, fresh flavor of this cheese will compliment the kick of these spicy varieties of meat in a firefight of hot vs mild. Enjoy slowly! The cheese can only hold back those jalapeno tears for so long…
Chorizo Hunter Sausage
Recommended Cheese: Asiago

This cheese can come in a variety of textures depending on its aging process. The smooth fresh variety goes great with a nice hunk of Chorizo… then again – so does the crumbly goodness that defines its older, and more mature counterpart. (Patience is a virtue.) Both, however, have a salty flavor reminiscent of Parmesan and Romano. (Just a tad more pungent.) Hold your nose while you enjoy this delicious pairing of bold and sophisticated flavors from abroad.

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