Henry Ford Sells First Model A

On July 15, 1903, Henry Ford completed his first order for an automobile to a Chicago dentist named Ernst Pfennin. The order was for an $850 two-cylinder Model A, which included a backseat.
(A backseat!? Who is this guy?!?!)
The order was delivered from Henry Ford’s Mack Ave. plant just less than a week after it had been placed. Within the first two months, Ford sold more than 200 units. After the first year of operation they sold more than 1,000.
Henry Ford built his first gasoline-powered automobile, the Quadricycle – at his own home in 1886. Eventually Ford collected a bunch of rich stockholders and created the Ford Motor Company.

(This is a Quadricycle. Good call losing that name.)

The model A was kind of, well… a good try. It had a two person bench seat, no top and only came in red. The engine of this oversized Kettcar boasted two cylinders – that’s eight-horsepower for you motor heads. That’s right… up to 30 miles per hour.
Here is somebody hauling ass in the Model A.

(This is a Kettcar. (Just to be clear.)

Though this ride gave Ford’s company some serious street cred, it was the conception of the Model T in 1908 that changed the game. Ford continued to produce the Model T until 1927… so much for innovation. Sheesh! Can you imagine if Ford was still making the 1984 body-style of the Escort?
Regardless of his hatred of body redesign, Henry Ford changed the world by offering a product to people looking to change the way they traveled. If you own a Model A nowadays you are probably a lot like that Chicago dentist – filthy rich.

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