Flopping is not “part of the game.” It’s the act of fooling an official into making an inaccurate call for the benefit of the actor’s team.
Most athletics fans would call this by its more direct definition – cheating.
Some sports are more susceptible to this disgusting practice…(cough) Soccer! (cough) Basketball! Yet, examples of flopping can be found in most major sports. It’s a shame, but a harsh reality of competition. Sometimes when others’ will to win is strong enough, individuals will spoil the integrity of the game in order to do so.
Let’s examine the existence of flopping and how these instances could be dealt with as they arise.
Well this is an easy one. Many players not only practice flopping – they perfect it! This is the sport that argues the validity of flopping. It is taught, practiced and rules against it are enforced minimally. Many instances are so flagrant, it is hard to watch. Basketball flopping is an epidemic. It’s to the point where if you don’t flop – you could be losing valuable opportunities to score.

Good grief, where do we even start? This is the sport that started it all. Some of these players should enroll in the SAG – they act better than most professional Broadway entertainers. This sport is littered with blatant dives, and the reactions afterwards usually involve rolling around on the ground, fake crying and holding a body part that hasn’t even been touched.

BONUS: Basketball player flopping during a soccer game
C’mon Dirk. This was a charity soccer game… There is the chance he did this as a joke. Look at the smile on his face afterwards. (The opposing players are not amused.)

These tend to be harder to catch, however, this example shows the player instantly looking to the officials for the call. Watch how his fall begins before contact is made. Generally, in hockey, those that dive are ridiculed. At least the players try to regulate this behavior themselves, the old fashioned way – if you flop they call you a wimp. The fact that this example led to a penalty shot is nauseating.


Another sport in which flopping is hard to spot and catch. Usually the only way to flop is by pretending to be hit by a pitch. This particular instance results in this batter’s ejection from the game. Ah, sweet justice.

So what can we as fans do? Is there any way to end this garbage from infiltrating true competition?
Unfortunately, many players think this will never happen. This year has marked a “tightening” of these rules on players, says the NBA. However, preferential treatment and low fines are not helping the cause. The solution must be found among fans, players and coaches. So what is the solution?
The only thing we can do – BOO.
If you’re at a game and flopping takes place – boo the perpetrator. Boo them with all of your might. Let them know that their antics are not appreciated, and you dread the thought of your beloved home team winning at the cost of such filth. (If you’re having a hard time, just pretend you’re at a Justin Bieber concert, or watch this video… you will immediately start booing.)



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