Cooking with Deep Fried Nuts

Deep Fried Peanuts are an incredible snack – shell n’ all! However, all things can evolve… some more deliciously than others.
The following recipe outlines the ways in which Deep Fried Peanuts can be transformed into a delicious ingredient, rather than just a novelty snack. These nuts have purpose! Give this a whirl at home with any of the original or sweet varieties of Deep Fried Peanuts for a dessert experience BOJ style!
Chocolate Deep Fried Peanut Clusters
2 pounds (2 – 16 ounce bags) deep fried peanuts
48 ounces almond bark white chocolate
4 ounces sweet German chocolate
10 – 12 ounces dark chocolate

OPTIONAL: Marshmallow/Caramel
Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 4 hours
This gets pretty tough, so pay attention…
Place ingredients in a crock pot all at once. Cook on low for about 3 hours. (Don’t touch it! Don’t even look at it!) Turn pot off and let sit for 20 minutes. (This is crucial to the cooking process… don’t blow it!) Cover a large surface (about 3 square feet) with waxed or parchment paper. Stir mixture completely. Drop teaspoons full of this heavenly concoction onto paper. Let cool/harden and store in airtight containers.
This guy gives a good visual tour of this process. He uses the cheap Nestle chocolate chips, some marshmallow and regular peanuts, but it’s the same idea.

Enjoy! This recipe makes plenty of these chocolaty, nutty demons. This recipe is a common go-to for easy peanut desserts, however, it was missing one crucial component – that BOJ flair!
(TIP: If you are a true flavor connoisseur, try making this recipe with our Cajun flavored Deep Fried Peanuts… the kick of our special spice blend complements the sweetness of the chocolate awesomely.)

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