Cheap Toilet Paper

Everyone knows the feeling. You just sat down and took care of some quality waste management. Naturally, you reach over to grab the only tool a bathroom has to offer – toilet paper. Except this time, it’s not paper. It’s not cloth-like. It’s not even recognizable. This material, in fact, is the world’s most delicate sandpaper. It’s so thin

Misusing Facebook

Most people possessing half of the skills necessary to operate Microsoft Word correctly are on Facebook. Some Facebook frequenters are as young as five-years-old – others as old as 90. Facebook doesn’t care. Everyone is welcome to join. Believe it or not, there is a wonderful way to experience the journeys of others through social media. Many analog-loving,


First of all, what the hell is “sodcasting?” Is this a podcast about strips of replacement grass? No. According to Urban Dictionary, Sodcasting is “the act of playing music through the speaker of a mobile phone, usually on public transport.” Regardless of where it occurs – it’s super annoying. Sodcasting is nothing new. Remember the boombox?

A Letter to Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley, We’re writing to you to express our concern for your recent career decisions – and to ask you to make some changes. Please understand that we are just looking out for your best interests. We wish you the best of luck as you descend into a certain spiral of unavoidable doom. 1) Stop Making Music Your music used to target the young female demographic.

Fast Food Mishaps

Most people succumb to the tantalizingly convenient amenities of a fast food chain once in a while. It’s available, it’s “fast” – and can be shame eaten in a moving vehicle. Sometimes, fast food happens to good people. It is usually this instance, in which a horrible, unforgivable mistake occurs. A mistake so awful, that it even ruins the chance

The Kardashians

First of all, why are these people still in the spotlight? Didn’t these people come and go already? No, they didn’t. They are hogging their limelight with a fever that is unmatched. Especially the loud-mouthed mother of these spoiled brats and their equally-spoiled spouses. Will we ever shake this pop-culture nightmare? When will it be safe to watch TV again? Here


    You know the story. A cop gets in a terrible accident, undergoes a futuristic surgery and comes out as a war-machine equipped with lasers and high-tech anti-bad-guy software. It’s ‘Robocop’.. and it’s being remade, because apparently the first three weren’t good enough – or we are just too lazy to come up with new movie

Slow Walkers

In the land of the free and home of the brave, people have the right to make their own decisions. As long as they don’t harm those around them – it’s all good. However, isn’t the pursuit of happiness in there somewhere? Nothing makes an average speed, or quickly-moving walker more unhappy than being stuck behind a slow walker. A foot dragging, sight

Personalized Online Ads

Remember that item you almost bought on Amazon and then decided it was impractical, too expensive or just plain wasteful? Your ads remember. They remember so well, that now, when you want to visit your favorite game site during work – the ads remind you of what “you like.” “Hey [proxy user 4387465] look what we found you! Aren’t we great?!”


In this day and age, there are countless ways to connect with another person. Technology has run its course on human interaction and landed us at a strange impasse. We find ourselves in between the technology of the future, and the technology of yesterday’s future. The irritating mix of these two worlds has created a rift in the form of communication technology. One


Flopping is not “part of the game.” It’s the act of fooling an official into making an inaccurate call for the benefit of the actor’s team. Most athletics fans would call this by its more direct definition – cheating. Some sports are more susceptible to this disgusting practice…(cough) Soccer! (cough) Basketball! Yet, examples of flopping

Taking Selfies

    Selfie (according to Wikipedia): “A selfie is a genre of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking and photo sharing services such as MySpace, Facebook, and Instagram, where they are commonly posted.”   Calling a selfie a “genre of

The Biebs Goes to Space

    That’s right. Justin Bieber is going into orbit.   Before everyone gets excited – he’s coming back. Unfortunately, we have not voted him off of Earth, nor are we preparing to send him to an uninhabited planted somewhere in a distant solar system… that would be awesome.   Instead, the Biebs is buying a whopping $250,000 ticket

No-Scoop Poops

    There are many ways to disrespect another person’s property, but not many ways compare to the total disregard of leaving a dog turd on someone’s lawn.   Those that walk their dog generally carry a small bag… you know, for the poop. However, many dog walkers have convinced themselves that the waste will magically disappear, or just kind of work it’s

Movie Talkers

    Summer blockbuster season is approaching! A season of exciting, high-budget action/thrillers is on its way to a theater near you. Popcorn, candy, soda, friends… oh, and this guy.   This is the guy that all moviegoers hate. He is the epitome of unrelenting selfishness. He is a movie-talker.   Warning: This clip from Scary Movie contains some adult

Kids on Leashes

      Recently, a practice has become popular that even some animal activists will agree is a bit harsh – child leashing.   Now before we really dive into this issue, let’s be clear. This debate is focused on healthy children without special circumstance. Those using this tool to handle medical conditions or cognitive impairments are why child

Unhandicapped Parking

    Everyone likes the wide open space that a “handicapped” bathroom stall provides. It’s comfortable. It’s private. It’s made for taking care of business.   In addition to its luxury spaciousness, the “handicapped” stall is the only stall with a changing table, enough room for a parent to accompany a small child who needs help and a large enough