Joe Rainbow Seeking Hertler

Are frontmen made or born? The six members of Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers are in the perfect position to answer that question. Four of them have fronted other projects, but during the past few years they have united under first-time bandleader, Hertler, to create sublime folk tinged with Motown, funk, and pop. Joe Hertler took the time out of his busy touring and

Stephanie Smith of the USAF

Stephanie Smith is a bad ass. She serves in the United States Air Force Security Forces – and has served three tours (one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.) When she isn’t manning a giant machine gun, jumping out of a plane or brandishing her frighteningly large combat knife – she can be found headbanging to metal, getting a new tattoo or enjoying a cold one

John and his melons

    John Montgomery works for General Motors, rides dirt bikes… oh, and yeah… he carves intricate designs onto the surface of watermelons, soaps and vegetables – and sells them.   That’s right. His business, Brighter Melon LLC, supplies works of edible art for any occasion, from birthdays to corporate events. This culinary visionary has

Rickey The Funkmaster Calloway

  Rickey Calloway is one funky dude. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Calloway has been performing funk music for decades. He has worked with the Dap Kings (Amy Winehouse’s back up band), Will Sessions, Frank Williams, The NT Express and the Crack Mirrow Band. Mr. Calloway was kind enough to share with BOJ the ways of the funk.   BOJ :How did you begin your

Katelin Coxswain Snyder

  Katelin Snyder (FL) – US Olympic rowing teammate, University of Washington U-23 World Championship gold medalist, Loyola Marymount University Assistant Coach and coxswain (the one that yells at everybody…) took some time with BOJ to discuss the mysterious and secretive world of professional rowing. Take a dive into the dark underworld of the coxswain, and

Comedy Life with Harry Moroz

  Harry Moroz is a California-based comedian who has been performing stand up and improv throughout the United States and Canada for the last several years. He performed in 2011′s LaughFest, the World Series of Comedy, Laughing Skull Festival 2012, and the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival 2012. Here he sits down with BOJ to discuss the art of

Pat “Home Brew” Jones

  Pat Jones is a man’s man. He resides in Mid-Michigan where he spends his time repairing bad Internet connections, exploring the wilderness and of course… brewing his own beer. Jones spoke with BOJ regarding the world of home beer making while taking a break from his hefty brew schedule this spring.     BOJ: First of all, Patrick… that