Janice Delivers Mail

Janice delivers mail. She has been doing it in Louisville, Kentucky for 28 years. After a long day of sorting and delivering mail, Janice took the time to explain to me how USPS works and what it’s like being a mail carrier. AJ: How did you become a mail carrier? Janice: Well, it was one of the opportunities I had after I finished my service with the Army. For most

Front End Brian

Brian is a front-end developer. (Regardless of what you are thinking – he works with computers…) He spends his time developing websites by making them easy to use, nice to look at and run like a well-oiled machine. Leave it to Brian to turn a mock-up of ideas into a working digital model. Brian took the time to speak with BOJ about front-end developing…

Casey Knows Art

Casey is studying to become a therapist, but not any old therapist – her methods will be based on the use of art. That’s right. She’s like the Patch Adams of finger painting and drawing. Casey’s skills allow her to help individuals express their feelings through creation. Her mentoring has helped to change the lives of her patients, and their

Epoxy Josh

Josh is the kind of guy who gets things done. He works daily to mastermind projects which include the use of professional-grade sealants, epoxy flooring and other manufacturing-focused solutions. Whether someone looks to replace the epoxy flooring in their garage, or a 20,000 sq. ft. facility, or wants to have their machinery protected from wear and tear: Josh has the

Hollywood Nick

Nick is a resident of Hollywood, California. As you may guess, he’s in the business of making movies. Well… he writes for people that make them. He packed up his car and drove across the barren desert to follow his dream of entering the most cut-throat business on the planet. When Nick isn’t destroying the hopes of young interns, hot-tubbing with models

US Military Veterans

Veterans Day_1
This week’s “Saul’s Heroes” is dedicated to the brave men and women who have served, and currently do serve, in the United States military. Blue Ox Jerky salutes all military personnel, from kitchen staff, to marines – we thank you for your service. In order to offer our customers the best possible service, BOJ happily delivers its products to

Matt “Follows” the Law

Matt is a student of law. His ethical compass is always set to “Mother Theresa,” but his aspirations are far from humble. Matt looks to change the world one court proceeding at a time. (Hopefully passing a law against vegetarianism…) Matthew took time out of his busy day (studying dead people’s lawsuits) to discuss his complex profession with

Matt Knows News

Matt is a breaking news behemoth. He spends his time deciding what stories of humanity are worth telling, and who will be denied their 15 minutes of fame. His Midwestern news station has seen their fair share of crazy tales, but it’s Matt’s job to choose the best ones. Matt took the time out of his busy day of sensationalizing the truth to tell BOJ how the

Emma Knows Cider

Emma is no run-of-the-mill lady, in fact – she runs the mill… literally. Parmenter’s Cider Mill, in Michigan, is a picturesque, fall gathering place straight out of “Hocus Pocus.” Lines are long, cider is delicious and Halloween decorations have been ‘spared no expense.’ On these customer-infested fall days, Emma holds it down.

Mike Lodish Knows Brittle

Mike Lodish is no ordinary sweets proprietor. Lodish’s Champion Brittle is a testament to family, hard work and a three-generation-old recipe for deliciousness. Before opening-up shop with his mother, Pat Lodish, Mike Lodish may have played some football… By “may have played” – we mean he conquered Pac-10 AND Rose Bowl Championships while at UCLA, was drafted

Music to the Max

Max Landry is a music producer, engineer, writer, artist and all-around renaissance man of the audio arts. While most men his age are watching TV, checking their fantasy football league stats or playing video games – Max is making music. Sweet, sweet music. Following his time at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Max returned to the Midwest to pursue a

Neal “Beer Master” Gallagher

Neal Gallagher has a job many (unstable) men would kill to acquire. It revolves around a product thousands of years old. A product so important, that barbecues, college gatherings and family reunions would be non-existent in its absence. We are, of course, talking about beer. Ah, beer. The liquid confidence-booster. The liquid coat. The liquid loaf of bread. Behind each

Erik from John Deere

Erik is a down-right, true-blue American hero. He spends his nine-to-fives in one of the world’s largest distribution centers, within a company all American heroes are familiar with – John Deere. John Deere is the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in the world. Their slogan, “Nothing runs like a Deere,” is backed by 175 years of business

Adam the Hygienist

Adam is a dental hygienist working towards his dental school degree. He sees the nastiest mouths in town and corrects misshapen fangs like it’s his job… oh, wait. That IS his job! That’s why BOJ came to him with a few questions about gassing victims… er… patients, toothbrush technology and keeping your record clean enough to become a

Lauren the Chemist

Lauren Frampton is a chemist. She mixes chemicals for a living! If that isn’t interesting… we don’t know what is. Lauren took the time out of her dangerous day to discuss the job requirements for being a full-time mad scientist. BOJ: What Kind of chemistry do you practice!? LF: I work for a company called Metrex, that is one of the two branches made by

Lauren Spills Victoria’s Secret

Lauren is a true American hero. She works tirelessly with her hands to produces a commodity treasured by both men and women alike – bikinis and women’s underwear. YES, FELLAS. Lauren works in New York City at the Victoria’s Secret design headquarters as a swimwear and panties designer. Let that marinate for a minute… Lauren took time out of her busy

Ryan the Coin Connoisseur

Ryan is a coin collector from the Midwest who doesn’t play around with counterfeit opportunities. He rigorously follows and studies the market trends of precious metals and rare coins to sell and trade within the coin collecting community. Copper, silver, gold and zinc – Ryan owns coins that date back to Medieval times, tell the history of the American revolution

Joe Rainbow Seeking Hertler

Are frontmen made or born? The six members of Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers are in the perfect position to answer that question. Four of them have fronted other projects, but during the past few years they have united under first-time bandleader, Hertler, to create sublime folk tinged with Motown, funk, and pop. Joe Hertler took the time out of his busy touring and

Stephanie Smith of the USAF

Stephanie Smith is a bad ass. She serves in the United States Air Force Security Forces – and has served three tours (one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.) When she isn’t manning a giant machine gun, jumping out of a plane or brandishing her frighteningly large combat knife – she can be found headbanging to metal, getting a new tattoo or enjoying a cold one

John and his melons

    John Montgomery works for General Motors, rides dirt bikes… oh, and yeah… he carves intricate designs onto the surface of watermelons, soaps and vegetables – and sells them.   That’s right. His business, Brighter Melon LLC, supplies works of edible art for any occasion, from birthdays to corporate events. This culinary visionary has