Cooking with Jerky Part II

This recipe is a stew of beef jerky, tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables and is completely comprised of dehydrated ingredients (except for the choice of fresh carrots.) The stew can be served over rice or noodles. Dried foods are easily stored, which makes this the perfect meal for campers, hikers and those without an indoor cooking space. Preparation time: About ten

Jerky and Road Trips

  It’s not a road trip until you have some jerky in the car/van/Conestoga wagon. This is a practice as old as the idea of road tripping – what do you think cowboys ate on their horse? Jerky of all kinds can be stored for long periods of time, eaten with minimal mess and mixed with other snacks for a hit-the-road snacking experience like no other.   Here is a

Cooking with Jerky

  Jerky is a fantastic snack all by itself, but what about a recipe that incorporates jerky? Could this magnificent meat snack be transformed into a delectable meal? Why, yes – yes it can.   Readers brave enough to try this quick recipe for maximum jerky consumption will find it to be a great way to sneak jerky onto the dinner table. Jerky wins!   You

Jerky and Personality Types

  What can a flavor tell you about someone’s personality? Do those that find certain flavors desirable tell us something about who they are?   Well, according to Neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch’s book, “What Flavor is your Personality?” – flavors can reveal a great deal about a person’s personality.   As Director of the Smell and Taste Research and

Jerky and Fitness

  In a nutritionally conscious society, vitamins, supplements and protein bars that taste like a burnt sewer rat have become acceptable varieties of a “workout snack”.   As the world is becoming interested in healthy living, more people are searching for the perfect healthy snack. What ever happened to the original protein shake? Meat!   Jerky is a great

Jerky and Camping

  As Memorial Day approaches, many American families are planning their annual trip to the middle of nowhere to sleep under the stars, burn marshmallows and fight off bears. This wonderful pastime can be customized to fit any tolerance for the elements, as many “campers” choose to spend their vacation playing Xbox within the comforts of the family

Jerky and Beer

Warning: This blog post contains alcohol. Those enjoying it must be at least 21, or have a dad that will occasionally let them “try a sip”.     Since the beginning of time, men have enjoyed the simple yet complementary paring of cooked meat with the cold, foamy libation known as beer. It is the natural pairing of two ancient techniques used to nourish the