Jerky Ramen Noodles

We’re always looking for new, delicious ways to eat our jerky. This recipe is meant to be quick and simple. It’s great for camping, or for an easy meal at home. When we made this, we used our Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Sweet-N-Hot Beef Jerky. You can use any kind that suits you though!   Time: Less than 10 minutes. Ingredients: 1 package Beef Ramen Noodles 1

Jerky Scrambled Eggs

  We know what you’re thinking…how many dishes can I make using jerky? Are these people at BOJ nuts? We’re actually thinking the same thing over here. Yes, we may be going a little overboard with our recipes, but we sure do make a mean meal. This simple recipe us great to keep in mind, especially with the camping season getting into full swing. Jerky Scrambled Eggs

Chocolate Covered Jerky

If you haven’t ever tried chocolate covered jerky, you may be surprised by how well the two go together—we certainly were when we gave this recipe a try! Creamy, rich, and smoky, chocolate covered jerky is the perfect marriage of sweet and salty. You don’t have to be a confectioner to make this awesome snack. Just make a quick trip to any grocery store for a few

Jerky and Hiking

  As the weather gets warmer and warmer, many of you outdoorsy and adventurous types may already be planning a hiking, camping, or backpacking trip. Ah, the noble pursuit of nature lovers! Whether you’re a pro or you’re planning your first trip outside of camping in Mom and Dad’s backyard (or even if that’s your plan), we’ve got you covered.   All the

9 Awesome Comfort Foods

We all eat emotionally from time to time. Whether you’re having an awesome or horrible day, BOJ is here for you. Jerky is a good alternative to other junk comfort foods (for those of you who are health conscious). It’s also a great addition to any serious chow down smorgasbord. Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite BOJ jerky and other comfort foods for gobbling and

6 High Protein Foods

Jerky makes a great snack when you’re on the go, or just sitting on your couch. It’s high-protein, low-fat, and low-carb. It requires no preparation, isn’t messy, and tastes great—much better than foul, chalky protein shakes. Here’s a list of some of our favorite high-protein jerky and other foods.   1. Honey BBQ Smoked Turkey Per 28 grams of meat 7 grams of

5 Awesome Jerky and Cheese Pairings

Jerky and cheese. You may have already figured out these two food BFF’s belong together and are the pinnacle of awesomeness. If you have, congratulations, like me you’re a genius. There are many occasions that require both jerky and cheese—fancy or not-so-fancy gatherings for any occasion, tailgating, camping trips, or any other time you may be hungry. One question

Holiday Season BOJ

The holidays are now almost upon us. We have prepared to the best of our abilities… or maybe we’ve just waited until the last minute. If you’re one of the many who wait until the brink of the holidays to grab everything you will need to stuff those stocking – now worries. BOJ has you covered. One of the greatest stocking-stuffers of all time is, yes

BOJ Peanut Balls

Holiday season calls for one specific type of food: SWEETS. Forget the fruit cake. Forget the pies. If you aren’t up to par with the latest dessert trends, don’t fret. We’ll have Santa fighting to be left one of these amazing peanut-infused snacks using BOJ deep-fried peanuts! Ingredients: - 1 Cup of sugar - 1 Cup of evaporated milk - 1 Teaspoon vanilla

Jerky Holiday Dip

So, you’re preparing for the holidays. We all are… but food is expensive and your relatives are total pigs. What can you provide that is inexpensive, healthier than cheese balls and still tastes delicious? We’ve got just the jerky recipe for you! Dips are a great food to keep family happily snacking during the holiday celebrations. We have paired our jerky

Jerky for Breakfast

The morning of Thanksgiving Day calls for a hearty breakfast. (Not eating much will actually make it harder for you to gorge later on – when it really counts!) Sometimes it’s hard to get the family excited about preparing two full meals, so it’s best to keep it simple. Here is a great recipe for a breakfast-based wrap with a BOJ kick. Ingredients: - 1 Package

Cooking with Jerky Part III

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This means there will be an excess of turkey, potatoes and that disgusting canned cranberry sauce in most households. What can you do with these ingredients without eating the same meal for an entire week? How about spicy jerky, turkey and potato soup? It’s amazing. Ingredients: - 1 Bag of BOJ Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky - 1/2

BOJ And Veterans Day

Jerky – it’s the snack of warriors, in spirit… or literally. Those facing adversity, sacrifice and often life-threatening situations deserve the world’s most delicious treat- perfectly smoked, tantalizingly spiced and conveniently delivered BOJ jerky products. When we say “conveniently delivered,” we don’t mean to your doorstep

BOJ and Not Shaving

If you are a man (or woman…) without the genes necessary to grow a beard – please see our post in this week’s “We Got Beef.” We’ll take care of you. For those who have a magnificent, glorious and healthy facial mop – we’ll also take care of you. Eating with a beard is tough. Bubble gum, hamburgers, a hearty stew – these

Blue Ox and Halloween

BOJ is in full Halloween mode. It’s a great time of year! It’s a season filled with costume parties, jack-O’-lanterns and seasonal consumables. (CANDY!) Like many holidays, having the exact same routine takes some of the fun out of it. Sometimes holidays need a good kick in the pants, or in this case – a ‘punch in the face.’ BOJ products may

Blue Ox and Peanut Brittle

COMING SOON! Blue Ox Jerky is proud to announce a limited-time partnership with Lodish’s Champion Brittle! Our office was lucky enough to try Mike Lodish’s family-recipe Peanut Crunch – it was a smash hit! Several BOJ staff members were sent home after a fight broke out over the last piece. It was worth it… For those looking to hear more about this

Jerky and Hunting

As the hunting season approaches, (many states have already opened antlerless firearm hunting) only one question arises… What in the name of Bambi’s dead mother will you be chewing on while you’re waiting for that prized beauty to emerge from the woods? Will you be munching on an apple? No, that’s for the deer. Cookies? C’mon – you

Jerky and Wine

WARNING: This blog post contains alcohol!   When it comes to paring jerky with libations, the first thought that comes to mind is “BEER.” This is a valid assumption. Beer and jerky do go well together. It’s an ancient pairing that has continued to this day through tailgates, graduation parties and viking post-pillage feasts alike. On the other hand, a

Jerky and Football

If you haven’t noticed, fall is rapidly approaching. Community pools are closing, weather is changing and nobody is allowed to wear white anymore. Where did summer go? WHAT HAPPENED? Summer denial is best treated with the help of vivid autumn leaves, apple cider, Halloween – and football. Lots and lots of football. (The American kind.) This particular

Jerky for Breakfast

We know what you’re thinking… are these people at BOJ crazy? Yes, we are… but we make a mean omelette. Making an omelette can be intimidating, but once you have the process figured out – it’s a breeze. Add this recipe to your repertoire of breakfast dishes to wow the meat-lover in your life. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the egg