Back to School and Jerky


Students, parents…teachers… we know what you’re thinking. Why must summer come to an end? Can’t we just have a few more s’mores by the campfire, bomb a few more cannonballs in the community pool and have one more good ole fashioned water-balloon fight? No, teachers. Get a hold of yourselves.
Fall is undeniably approaching, and with the beginning of this season – school will inevitably begin. This means a crap-load of school supplies, clothing and lunch foods will be scooped up faster than you can say, “Ghostbusters lunchbox.”
So how do parents decide what to include during this dreadfully expensive shopping spree? Does this kid really need a thermos? Should you be buying the Bic ballpoint Classics, or spring for the Pilot G2s?
(That thing seriously writes like butter.)

In all honesty, that kid is going to muddy-up, destroy or just plain lose anything nice you spend your hard-earned money on, so why fret? Get the most bang for your buck at all costs. Great deals are to be had during this season of, “Mom! Everybody has this! Can I get one?!”
The truth is – nobody has that little Jimmy… it’s a graphing calculator, and you’re eight-years-old.
What little Jimmy does need is a snack that won’t cost an arm and a leg, and won’t turn into a moldy, stinking, dripping pile of pulp by the time he gets on the bus.
If he still has it by then it will probably be thrown at the bus driver… we’re looking at you Go-Gurt.
(Are you really not getting these references? Here… we told you it was disgusting.)

Grab little Jimmy (or Jane, sorry ladies) some jerky. Not just because we happen to make a living selling it, but seriously… we’ve got our reasons.
1. Affordable
You can buy a giant bag of jerky for the price of one of those big boxes full of single-serving chips. You know, the ones where all of the Fritos get eaten first, and then you’re just left with eight small bags of original Lays… those are a bummer. A big bag of jerky will take longer to finish – plus there isn’t a gross kind that gets wasted in the end.

2. Long Shelf-Life
Ditch that bag of Doritos, grab a big bag of jerky and break that bag down into serving size snacks. They are perfect for lunch bags, boxes, trays and bus stop munchies. Jerky lasts for a long time… that’s why it was invented. It will last all day long in a kid’s hot lunchbox in their cubby… no sweat. Hell, you could fill the kid’s lunch box with just jerky if you wanted. Can you imagine how popular he will be?
The perfect lunchbox to fill with jerky…

3. Healthy
In all seriousness, most delicious snacks come with a price… getting fat. Chips, pop, cookies and pizza all taste great, but they benefit a growing child very little. Little Jimmy could be buff Jimmy if he stays active and eats a regular diet of protein. Consider us the snack choice for those looking to raise a healthy, happy and total beefcake of a third-grader.

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