Misleading Online Recipes

The internet is both a wonderful and terrible thing. Anything is possible, literally. You can learn to build your own house simply by watching YouTube videos, or discover awesome, exotic fruits you have never heard of before. You can easily find recipes for anything. ANYTHING. You can also be burned (pun intended) by those said recipes, and burned badly. According to various

First CD Is Manufactured

On August 17th, 1982 the world’s first commercial music CD was pressed in Langenhagen, Germany at Polygram Pressing Operations, which had been established by Philips and Sony. This first CD was “The Visitors,” by ABBA, the Swedish pop band. Sadly though, the CD did not take the American streets by storm, as the CD player was not available on the consumer market until

Internet Explorer Is Born

On August 16th, 1995 Microsoft introduced the very first version of Internet Explorer to the world. That day, thousands of people across the globe got to search “boobs” for the first time ever, collectively pooing a giant rainbow of bliss and awe across the static of dial-up. Internet Explorer 1.0 was a modified version of something called “Spyglass Mosaic.” (I, the

Jerky Ramen Noodles

We’re always looking for new, delicious ways to eat our jerky. This recipe is meant to be quick and simple. It’s great for camping, or for an easy meal at home. When we made this, we used our Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Sweet-N-Hot Beef Jerky. You can use any kind that suits you though!   Time: Less than 10 minutes. Ingredients: 1 package Beef Ramen Noodles 1