5 People You Meet at the Dogpark

Ah, the dog park. It’s a paradise for dogs—green grass, plenty of room to run, and things to sniff—and a complete social nightmare for humans. When it comes to awkward and uncomfortable interactions, the dog park is just a step below making a visit to your local state license branch. You will be stuck inside a relatively small area with a random selection of odd

Jerky and Hiking

  As the weather gets warmer and warmer, many of you outdoorsy and adventurous types may already be planning a hiking, camping, or backpacking trip. Ah, the noble pursuit of nature lovers! Whether you’re a pro or you’re planning your first trip outside of camping in Mom and Dad’s backyard (or even if that’s your plan), we’ve got you covered.   All the

Empire State Building Dedicated

On May 1st, 1931 President Herbert Hoover officially dedicated New York’s Empire State Building. Amazingly, Hoover was not actually in New York for the dedication. From Washington D.C. he pressed a button to turn on the building’s lights. The button was actually a symbolic one—someone else flicked the switches in New York. At the time of its completion, the Empire State

Rene Grooms Dogs

Rene loves dogs. So much that she spends most of her time surrounded by them. Rene can be found bathing, grooming, and just hanging out with dogs at Kuts ‘n Kisses Salon in Shelby Township, Michigan—oh, and did I mention that she owns the place?   Kuts ‘n Kisses is a bustling, full-service grooming salon. The front of the business contains a boutique area with

First Space Funeral

On April 21st, 1997 Celestis launched the first ever space funeral. That’s right. A space funeral. The cremated remains of 24 individuals were loaded onto a Pegasus rocket. The aircraft was launched into space over the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands. Portions of the cremated remains were released into space in lipstick-sized capsules over the course of the


Potholes are the worst. They have been especially horrible this winter—popping up overnight like acne on a preteen face, except instead of causing social embarrassment, they can do serious damage to your tires and the rest of your car. Even small potholes can damage your wheels, chassis, and suspension or knock your alignment out of whack.   What can you do? 1.)

9 Awesome Comfort Foods

We all eat emotionally from time to time. Whether you’re having an awesome or horrible day, BOJ is here for you. Jerky is a good alternative to other junk comfort foods (for those of you who are health conscious). It’s also a great addition to any serious chow down smorgasbord. Here’s a list of 10 of our favorite BOJ jerky and other comfort foods for gobbling and

8 Ways to Dispose of Too Many Peeps

Peeps are a staple of this time of year—thank you Easter! If you haven’t noticed them in grocery stores already, just wait, soon they will be EVERYWHERE. If you have a Mom, Grandma, or any family at all, you may find yourself sitting on a mountain of peeps–with all their beady little candy eyes mocking you. If you’re like me, you may get tired of simply shoveling

First Woman Flies Around the World Solo

          On April 17th, 1964 Geraldine Mock became the first woman pilot to fly solo around the world. She began her flight on March 19th, 1964 in Columbus, Ohio and ended it 29 days later.             Mock made her flight in a 1953 single-engine Cessna christened “The Spirit of Columbus.” Mock was very thorough in

6 High Protein Foods

Jerky makes a great snack when you’re on the go, or just sitting on your couch. It’s high-protein, low-fat, and low-carb. It requires no preparation, isn’t messy, and tastes great—much better than foul, chalky protein shakes. Here’s a list of some of our favorite high-protein jerky and other foods.   1. Honey BBQ Smoked Turkey Per 28 grams of meat 7 grams of

National Beer Day

On April 7th, 1933 the Cullen-Harrison Act legalizing the sale of low alcohol content—whoa there, let’s not get TOO crazy—beer and wine went into effect. This was the first time the sale of beer was legal in the United States since the start of prohibition. The bill was named for its sponsors, Senator Pat Harrison and Representative Thomas H. Cullen, and was signed by

Janice Delivers Mail

Janice delivers mail. She has been doing it in Louisville, Kentucky for 28 years. After a long day of sorting and delivering mail, Janice took the time to explain to me how USPS works and what it’s like being a mail carrier. AJ: How did you become a mail carrier? Janice: Well, it was one of the opportunities I had after I finished my service with the Army. For most

5 Awesome Jerky and Cheese Pairings

Jerky and cheese. You may have already figured out these two food BFF’s belong together and are the pinnacle of awesomeness. If you have, congratulations, like me you’re a genius. There are many occasions that require both jerky and cheese—fancy or not-so-fancy gatherings for any occasion, tailgating, camping trips, or any other time you may be hungry. One question