Front End Brian

Brian is a front-end developer. (Regardless of what you are thinking – he works with computers…) He spends his time developing websites by making them easy to use, nice to look at and run like a well-oiled machine. Leave it to Brian to turn a mock-up of ideas into a working digital model. Brian took the time to speak with BOJ about front-end developing…

Larry King Live Ends

On December 16, 2010, that creepy bag-of-bones stopped frightening the world with his television program “Larry King Live.” It had been 25 years since that terribly boring first episode with CNN, and finally Larry was ready to hang up the suspenders. (Seriously. This guy could take the pep out of Starbucks.) King began his career as a disc jockey in Miami Beach,

Holiday Season BOJ

The holidays are now almost upon us. We have prepared to the best of our abilities… or maybe we’ve just waited until the last minute. If you’re one of the many who wait until the brink of the holidays to grab everything you will need to stuff those stocking – now worries. BOJ has you covered. One of the greatest stocking-stuffers of all time is, yes


When the holidays roll around, there are always people that say “I hate this time of year.” Good for you. You hate when everyone tries a bit harder to be more thoughtful, friendly and all-around good spirited? You can’t see through the materialistic aspects to appreciate one iota of what the season is all about? Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. You are a


“Hello. Can I help you?” “WE WISH YOU A MERRY..” “{PLEASE STOP!}” Forcing someone to awkwardly stand on their porch to hear you sing in the cold should be against the law. That is a terrible thing to do to a total stranger. Caroling began when horses pulled carriages and street lights were just candles. It may have been socially acceptable

Casey Knows Art

Casey is studying to become a therapist, but not any old therapist – her methods will be based on the use of art. That’s right. She’s like the Patch Adams of finger painting and drawing. Casey’s skills allow her to help individuals express their feelings through creation. Her mentoring has helped to change the lives of her patients, and their

Wayne’s World 2

On December 10, 1993, an iconic and revolutionary film debuted in theaters: Wayne’s World II. This masterpiece of modern cinema told the continuation of a treasured story. Wayne, a hat-wearing cable-access television host, and his partner Garth, his hockey-worshiping drum expert, began their quest to host the greatest outdoor concert of all time. The duo’s Aurora,

BOJ Peanut Balls

Holiday season calls for one specific type of food: SWEETS. Forget the fruit cake. Forget the pies. If you aren’t up to par with the latest dessert trends, don’t fret. We’ll have Santa fighting to be left one of these amazing peanut-infused snacks using BOJ deep-fried peanuts! Ingredients: - 1 Cup of sugar - 1 Cup of evaporated milk - 1 Teaspoon vanilla


As we enter the holiday season, it’s time to evaluate what is being included in our winter traditions. It’s time to weed out the bad holiday traditions… and maybe even replace them with new ones. First thing’s first: eggnog. What the hell is it? It’s milk with eggs in it? No matter how much booze you add, it will always taste like raw batter for a

Jerky Holiday Dip

So, you’re preparing for the holidays. We all are… but food is expensive and your relatives are total pigs. What can you provide that is inexpensive, healthier than cheese balls and still tastes delicious? We’ve got just the jerky recipe for you! Dips are a great food to keep family happily snacking during the holiday celebrations. We have paired our jerky

Epoxy Josh

Josh is the kind of guy who gets things done. He works daily to mastermind projects which include the use of professional-grade sealants, epoxy flooring and other manufacturing-focused solutions. Whether someone looks to replace the epoxy flooring in their garage, or a 20,000 sq. ft. facility, or wants to have their machinery protected from wear and tear: Josh has the

First Heart Transplant

On December 3, 1967, 53-year-old Lewis Washkansky received a new heart via the first heart transplant surgery in history. “Hey doc. I have been having this pain in my heart… could you just remove it for me and put a different one in there?” “Uhhhhhhhh… okay! We’ll give it a whirl.” The patient was an avid swimmer, weightlifter and