Bush Pardons a Turkey

On November 26, 2002, President George W Bush pardoned a turkey. Yes, a turkey. A feather-covered, gobbling bird. The turkey had been involved in a large-scale bank heist in 1977… just kidding. Every year at the White House a turkey is presented to the president as part of the United States’ Thanksgiving tradition. This year was no different, except for the fact

Jerky for Breakfast

The morning of Thanksgiving Day calls for a hearty breakfast. (Not eating much will actually make it harder for you to gorge later on – when it really counts!) Sometimes it’s hard to get the family excited about preparing two full meals, so it’s best to keep it simple. Here is a great recipe for a breakfast-based wrap with a BOJ kick. Ingredients: - 1 Package

Boring Parades

  Be honest. When was the last time you watched a Thanksgiving parade and said, “WOW! That was incredible! I will remember this for years to come!” Never. Because they are usually super boring, completely forgettable and downright horrible. It is something to fall back asleep to after a nice, big Thanksgiving breakfast. (You know, to stretch your stomach out

Hollywood Nick

Nick is a resident of Hollywood, California. As you may guess, he’s in the business of making movies. Well… he writes for people that make them. He packed up his car and drove across the barren desert to follow his dream of entering the most cut-throat business on the planet. When Nick isn’t destroying the hopes of young interns, hot-tubbing with models

Cooking with Jerky Part III

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This means there will be an excess of turkey, potatoes and that disgusting canned cranberry sauce in most households. What can you do with these ingredients without eating the same meal for an entire week? How about spicy jerky, turkey and potato soup? It’s amazing. Ingredients: - 1 Bag of BOJ Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky - 1/2

Canned Cranberry Sauce

What is this? Is this something we are supposed to eat, or is it a decorative centerpiece? Was this designed to make Thanksgiving eaters nauseous – causing them to practice greater portion control? Ohh… it’s cranberry sauce. It’s canned cranberry sauce that refuses to take its original form, which is believed to be liquid… When did this disgusting

Edison Invents Phonograph

On November 21, 1877, Thomas Edison announced the invention of the phonograph – a magical device that recorded sound. Edison was busy trying to figure out a way to record telephone conversations. (Creepy… but okay.) In the midst of this quest, Edison began to experiment with a tin cylinder and a small needle at his home in Menlo Park, NJ. Surprisingly, he

Improper Flag Code

In honor of this week’s military holiday, BOJ would like to help clarify the rules of flying the US flag properly. In a world of commercialized traditions, Santa Claus on Coca Cola bottles and red, white and blue pajamas – there are few things that have been determined disrespectful to veterans, service members and American citizens. (Watching “Jersey

US Military Veterans

This week’s “Saul’s Heroes” is dedicated to the brave men and women who have served, and currently do serve, in the United States military. Blue Ox Jerky salutes all military personnel, from kitchen staff, to marines – we thank you for your service. In order to offer our customers the best possible service, BOJ happily delivers its products to any

BOJ And Veterans Day

Jerky – it’s the snack of warriors, in spirit… or literally. Those facing adversity, sacrifice and often life-threatening situations deserve the world’s most delicious treat- perfectly smoked, tantalizingly spiced and conveniently delivered BOJ jerky products. When we say “conveniently delivered,” we don’t mean to your doorstep

Armistice Day

On November 11, 1919, President Woodrow Wilson declared the date an annual holiday (Armistice Day) in remembrance of those who had taken up arms in World War I. The declaration followed the previous year’s end to the bloody war (November 11, 1918), which had greatly affected the population of the of soldiers’ generation. In 1945, Raymond Weeks (a World War II

Matt “Follows” the Law

Matt is a student of law. His ethical compass is always set to “Mother Theresa,” but his aspirations are far from humble. Matt looks to change the world one court proceeding at a time. (Hopefully passing a law against vegetarianism…) Matthew took time out of his busy day (studying dead people’s lawsuits) to discuss his complex profession with

BOJ and Not Shaving

If you are a man (or woman…) without the genes necessary to grow a beard – please see our post in this week’s “We Got Beef.” We’ll take care of you. For those who have a magnificent, glorious and healthy facial mop – we’ll also take care of you. Eating with a beard is tough. Bubble gum, hamburgers, a hearty stew – these

No Shave November Fails

Gentlemen, let’s be honest. If you can’t grow a full beard – you know it. You’re not going to be able to grow a beautiful face-mullet just because the calendar says it’s November. You have the baby-face gene, just go with it. When you are 70 you will look 40. Celebrate that fact. Instead of embracing the silky-smooth face of a baby’s bottom,

Honest Abe Elected

On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president – marking the succession of the Southern United states. Honest Abe was brought to the nation’s attention following his heated debates with Stephan Douglas, a competitor for the U.S. Senate seat in 1858. Douglas proposed that states should be able to decide whether slavery should be legal – Abe said