Jerky and Hunting

As the hunting season approaches, (many states have already opened antlerless firearm hunting) only one question arises… What in the name of Bambi’s dead mother will you be chewing on while you’re waiting for that prized beauty to emerge from the woods? Will you be munching on an apple? No, that’s for the deer. Cookies? C’mon – you

Brady Bunch Debuts

On September 26, 1969, America’s favorite unorthodox suburban family, and their humble galley slave Alice, made their TV debut on The Brady Bunch. Anyone who hasn’t seen this show has been living under a giant pet rock. It is quintessential 1960s Americana, and remains one of the most-aired TV programs in the history of television. The Brady Bunch was the story of

Music to the Max

Max Landry is a music producer, engineer, writer, artist and all-around renaissance man of the audio arts. While most men his age are watching TV, checking their fantasy football league stats or playing video games – Max is making music. Sweet, sweet music. Following his time at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Max returned to the Midwest to pursue a

Email Scams

So, you’re in your cage-like cubicle at work (wishing you weren’t), when suddenly you receive a strange email. It is borderline unreadable. It’s almost as if it’s been sent from a far away land. The subject reads, “URGENT: Help Us – We will pay.” The email is written in a cryptic and desperate voice; the way Princess Leia sounds in

Jerky and Wine

WARNING: This blog post contains alcohol!   When it comes to paring jerky with libations, the first thought that comes to mind is “BEER.” This is a valid assumption. Beer and jerky do go well together. It’s an ancient pairing that has continued to this day through tailgates, graduation parties and viking post-pillage feasts alike. On the other hand, a

Cheap Toilet Paper

Everyone knows the feeling. You just sat down and took care of some quality waste management. Naturally, you reach over to grab the only tool a bathroom has to offer – toilet paper. Except this time, it’s not paper. It’s not cloth-like. It’s not even recognizable. This material, in fact, is the world’s most delicate sandpaper. It’s so thin

Kennedy Moon Mission

On September 20, 1963, President John F. Kennedy made a unique proposal. “Hey, Soviets… why don’t we just go to the moon together? … could be fun, am I right?” (Not an exact quote.) This announcement came three years after his 1961 call to compete in, and win, the “space race” with the Soviets. At the time, the Soviets had already

Jerky and Football

If you haven’t noticed, fall is rapidly approaching. Community pools are closing, weather is changing and nobody is allowed to wear white anymore. Where did summer go? WHAT HAPPENED? Summer denial is best treated with the help of vivid autumn leaves, apple cider, Halloween – and football. Lots and lots of football. (The American kind.) This particular

September 11

The BOJ blog takes pride in poking fun at events in history. We here at BOJ are all about seeing the lighter side of things. However, this week in history is different. On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York, a fatal crash in a rural field in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon in Washington,

Misusing Facebook

Most people possessing half of the skills necessary to operate Microsoft Word correctly are on Facebook. Some Facebook frequenters are as young as five-years-old – others as old as 90. Facebook doesn’t care. Everyone is welcome to join. Believe it or not, there is a wonderful way to experience the journeys of others through social media. Many analog-loving,

Magellan Makes a Big Circle

On September 6, 1522, one of Ferdinand Magellan’s five ships finally reaches SanlÚcar de Barrameda, Spain after a three-year journey across the globe. Magellan wasn’t on it. He died – in the Philippines. Magellan set sail from Spain in 1519 to search for a westward route to Indonesia. Spices were a big deal back then. There was no Sam’s Club. If you

Neal “Beer Master” Gallagher

Neal Gallagher has a job many (unstable) men would kill to acquire. It revolves around a product thousands of years old. A product so important, that barbecues, college gatherings and family reunions would be non-existent in its absence. We are, of course, talking about beer. Ah, beer. The liquid confidence-booster. The liquid coat. The liquid loaf of bread. Behind each


First of all, what the hell is “sodcasting?” Is this a podcast about strips of replacement grass? No. According to Urban Dictionary, Sodcasting is “the act of playing music through the speaker of a mobile phone, usually on public transport.” Regardless of where it occurs – it’s super annoying. Sodcasting is nothing new. Remember the boombox?