You know the story. A cop gets in a terrible accident, undergoes a futuristic surgery and comes out as a war-machine equipped with lasers and high-tech anti-bad-guy software. It’s ‘Robocop’.. and it’s being remade, because apparently the first three weren’t good enough – or we are just too lazy to come up with new movie

Jerky and Eating Gluten Free

“Gluten-free.” Nowadays we’re seeing this marking on products from breakfast cereal, to alcoholic beverages, to bread… and even chocolate. So is it really something consumers can benefit from, or is this just the next fad diet? The truth is, many people suffer from a mild allergy to wheat, or more specifically, a product of wheat – gluten. Gluten

MTV Launches

  On August 1, 1981, the world was introduced to a fascinating new creation in television programming – MTV, hilariously known as music television. Now, this may come as a surprise, but upon MTV’s premiere the channel showed music videos. Yes, videos made to accompany single tracks used to be on TV… before YouTube existed. I know – shocking. The

Slow Walkers

In the land of the free and home of the brave, people have the right to make their own decisions. As long as they don’t harm those around them – it’s all good. However, isn’t the pursuit of happiness in there somewhere? Nothing makes an average speed, or quickly-moving walker more unhappy than being stuck behind a slow walker. A foot dragging, sight

U.S. Snail Mail Introduced

On July 26, 1775, our great nation introduced the system allowing grandmothers to send $2 bills across the American landscape for centuries – the United States Postal Service. The service, established the Second Continental Congress, was headed by the coolest founding father of all, and our nation’s first Postmaster General – Benjie Frank Franks. (Benjamin

Cooking with Deep Fried Nuts

Deep Fried Peanuts are an incredible snack – shell n’ all! However, all things can evolve… some more deliciously than others. The following recipe outlines the ways in which Deep Fried Peanuts can be transformed into a delicious ingredient, rather than just a novelty snack. These nuts have purpose! Give this a whirl at home with any of the original or sweet

Lauren the Chemist

Lauren Frampton is a chemist. She mixes chemicals for a living! If that isn’t interesting… we don’t know what is. Lauren took the time out of her dangerous day to discuss the job requirements for being a full-time mad scientist. BOJ: What Kind of chemistry do you practice!? LF: I work for a company called Metrex, that is one of the two branches made by

Jerky at the Movies

  Everyone loves the movies. It’s the only great place to enjoy complete silence and darkness with a close friend, or relative for a solid two hours. If the film is watchable – consider yourself having a great time. However, some moviegoer deterrents have showed their ugly heads in the form of overpriced goods within the last decade. Popcorn, which used to be

Henry Ford Sells First Model A

On July 15, 1903, Henry Ford completed his first order for an automobile to a Chicago dentist named Ernst Pfennin. The order was for an $850 two-cylinder Model A, which included a backseat. (A backseat!? Who is this guy?!?!) The order was delivered from Henry Ford’s Mack Ave. plant just less than a week after it had been placed. Within the first two months, Ford sold more

Jerky and Gaming

Not board games – video games. So you can take your Candyland-loving, dice rolling, shoots and ladders having self right off of this blog post! (Just kidding. Board games are pretty cool too… ‘Settlers of Catan’ anyone?) In all seriousness, nothing compliments a fine piece of technology entertainment like a steady arsenal of snacks. Gamer favorites

Lauren Spills Victoria’s Secret

Lauren is a true American hero. She works tirelessly with her hands to produces a commodity treasured by both men and women alike – bikinis and women’s underwear. YES, FELLAS. Lauren works in New York City at the Victoria’s Secret design headquarters as a swimwear and panties designer. Let that marinate for a minute… Lauren took time out of her busy

Personalized Online Ads

Remember that item you almost bought on Amazon and then decided it was impractical, too expensive or just plain wasteful? Your ads remember. They remember so well, that now, when you want to visit your favorite game site during work – the ads remind you of what “you like.” “Hey [proxy user 4387465] look what we found you! Aren’t we great?!”

Disco is Murdered in Chicago

    On July 12, 1979 the anti-disco movement was at its peak (rock fans really hated “Saturday Night Fever”). Steve Dahl, DJ at WLUP, was the leader of this movement in Chicago. He was known for scratching disco records live on air – right before blowing them up. This day was special due to the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers’ baseball

Sony Walkman Debuts

    On July 1, 1979, Sony unveiled its revolutionary new product – the Walkman. Before this time, the transistor radio was the only form of portable rocking-out. By the late 1970s, however, sound quality of home stereo equipment had improved, yet the radio had not. Sony’s new product would bring stereo-quality sound to those who wanted to dance their way

Hunter Sausage and Cheese

The pairing of meats and cheeses is truly older than recorded history. By the time Rome was established, cheese making was an age-old practice and animals were being slaughtered by the boat-load. (Hooray for meat!) The natural complementary qualities of these two foods need no further exploration, however, pairing these two foods has become a sophisticated art form for meat


In this day and age, there are countless ways to connect with another person. Technology has run its course on human interaction and landed us at a strange impasse. We find ourselves in between the technology of the future, and the technology of yesterday’s future. The irritating mix of these two worlds has created a rift in the form of communication technology. One

Ryan the Coin Connoisseur

Ryan is a coin collector from the Midwest who doesn’t play around with counterfeit opportunities. He rigorously follows and studies the market trends of precious metals and rare coins to sell and trade within the coin collecting community. Copper, silver, gold and zinc – Ryan owns coins that date back to Medieval times, tell the history of the American revolution