Cooking with Jerky Part II

This recipe is a stew of beef jerky, tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables and is completely comprised of dehydrated ingredients (except for the choice of fresh carrots.) The stew can be served over rice or noodles. Dried foods are easily stored, which makes this the perfect meal for campers, hikers and those without an indoor cooking space. Preparation time: About ten


Flopping is not “part of the game.” It’s the act of fooling an official into making an inaccurate call for the benefit of the actor’s team. Most athletics fans would call this by its more direct definition – cheating. Some sports are more susceptible to this disgusting practice…(cough) Soccer! (cough) Basketball! Yet, examples of flopping

Joe Rainbow Seeking Hertler

Are frontmen made or born? The six members of Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers are in the perfect position to answer that question. Four of them have fronted other projects, but during the past few years they have united under first-time bandleader, Hertler, to create sublime folk tinged with Motown, funk, and pop. Joe Hertler took the time out of his busy touring and

Mike Tyson Begins Teething

On June 28, 1997, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield were scheduled to slug it out. Boxing… with fists. These two men were both fantastic fighters, but had very different backgrounds. (And only one had a speech impediment.) Mike Tyson had a history of violent behavior, sexual abuse and wild tantrums. He spent three years in prison, divorced his wife, fired and sued his

Stephanie Smith of the USAF

Stephanie Smith is a bad ass. She serves in the United States Air Force Security Forces – and has served three tours (one in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.) When she isn’t manning a giant machine gun, jumping out of a plane or brandishing her frighteningly large combat knife – she can be found headbanging to metal, getting a new tattoo or enjoying a cold one

Jerky and Road Trips

    It’s not a road trip until you have some jerky in the car/van/Conestoga wagon. This is a practice as old as the idea of road tripping – what do you think cowboys ate on their horse? Jerky of all kinds can be stored for long periods of time, eaten with minimal mess and mixed with other snacks for a hit-the-road snacking experience like no other.   Here is

Taking Selfies

    Selfie (according to Wikipedia): “A selfie is a genre of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone. Selfies are often associated with social networking and photo sharing services such as MySpace, Facebook, and Instagram, where they are commonly posted.”   Calling a selfie a “genre of

That Huge Green Lady

    On June 17, 1885, the disassembled Statue of Liberty was delivered to New York Harbor – by the French.   The statue arrived in 350 pieces, and was packed within more than 200 boxes. It was intended to commemorate the American Revolution, as well as one hundred years of “friendship” between France and the U.S. (Thanks for helping us out back there

John and his melons

    John Montgomery works for General Motors, rides dirt bikes… oh, and yeah… he carves intricate designs onto the surface of watermelons, soaps and vegetables – and sells them.   That’s right. His business, Brighter Melon LLC, supplies works of edible art for any occasion, from birthdays to corporate events. This culinary visionary has

Cooking with Jerky

    Jerky is a fantastic snack all by itself, but what about a recipe that incorporates jerky? Could this magnificent meat snack be transformed into a delectable meal? Why, yes – yes it can.   Readers brave enough to try this quick recipe for maximum jerky consumption will find it to be a great way to sneak jerky onto the dinner table. Jerky

California’s Bear Flag Revolution

  On June 14, 1846, Californians (primarily former U.S. citizens) had enough of Mexico. Their anticipation of an expansion of the war between Mexico and the United States prompted American settlers to promote a “new and independent California.” This is the exact setting of the film, “The Mask of Zorro.”   If you haven’t seen it, Antonio

The Biebs Goes to Space

    That’s right. Justin Bieber is going into orbit.   Before everyone gets excited – he’s coming back. Unfortunately, we have not voted him off of Earth, nor are we preparing to send him to an uninhabited planted somewhere in a distant solar system… that would be awesome.   Instead, the Biebs is buying a whopping $250,000 ticket

No-Scoop Poops

    There are many ways to disrespect another person’s property, but not many ways compare to the total disregard of leaving a dog turd on someone’s lawn.   Those that walk their dog generally carry a small bag… you know, for the poop. However, many dog walkers have convinced themselves that the waste will magically disappear, or just kind of work it’s

Rickey The Funkmaster Calloway

  Rickey Calloway is one funky dude. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Calloway has been performing funk music for decades. He has worked with the Dap Kings (Amy Winehouse’s back up band), Will Sessions, Frank Williams, The NT Express and the Crack Mirrow Band. Mr. Calloway was kind enough to share with BOJ the ways of the funk.   BOJ :How did you begin your

Jerky and Personality Types

    What can a flavor tell you about someone’s personality? Do those that find certain flavors desirable tell us something about who they are?     Well, according to Neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch’s book, “What Flavor is your Personality?” – flavors can reveal a great deal about a person’s personality.   As Director of the Smell and Taste

D Day Invasion

    On June 6, 1944, allied forces launched the largest amphibious attack in the history of modern warfare as part of Operation Overlord. This was a pivotal moment for allied troops of World War II and one of the bloodiest battles of the entire war.   Allied forces that saw combat in Normandy, France during this battle included Canadian, French, British and, you