Movie Talkers

    Summer blockbuster season is approaching! A season of exciting, high-budget action/thrillers is on its way to a theater near you. Popcorn, candy, soda, friends… oh, and this guy.   This is the guy that all moviegoers hate. He is the epitome of unrelenting selfishness. He is a movie-talker.   Warning: This clip from Scary Movie contains some adult

Katelin Coxswain Snyder

  Katelin Snyder (FL) – US Olympic rowing teammate, University of Washington U-23 World Championship gold medalist, Loyola Marymount University Assistant Coach and coxswain (the one that yells at everybody…) took some time with BOJ to discuss the mysterious and secretive world of professional rowing. Take a dive into the dark underworld of the coxswain, and

Jerky and Fitness

    In a nutritionally conscious society, vitamins, supplements and protein bars that taste like a burnt sewer rat have become acceptable varieties of a “workout snack”.   As the world is becoming interested in healthy living, more people are searching for the perfect healthy snack. What ever happened to the original protein shake? Meat!   Jerky is a

The Birth of an Icon

    On May 31, 1930, a young boy was born to a working-class family of San Francisco. He weighed 11Ibs 4 oz. His name was Clint Eastwood – and he would grow up to be a giant bad ass.   In recent declining years, Eastwood has been caught talking to an empty chair, pulling his pants up above his nipples and snarling through Chrysler commercials. However, the

Levi Strauss Patents Blue Jeans

    On May 20, 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a patent to create work pants with reinforced metal rivets near the fabric’s stress points. Like that would ever catch on…   Born Loeb Strauss in Buttenheim, Bavaria, Strauss worked for his family’s dry goods business shortly after arriving in the United States in the mid-1800s. He got

Comedy Life with Harry Moroz

  Harry Moroz is a California-based comedian who has been performing stand up and improv throughout the United States and Canada for the last several years. He performed in 2011′s LaughFest, the World Series of Comedy, Laughing Skull Festival 2012, and the Laugh Your Asheville Off Festival 2012. Here he sits down with BOJ to discuss the art of

Jerky and Camping

    As Memorial Day approaches, many American families are planning their annual trip to the middle of nowhere to sleep under the stars, burn marshmallows and fight off bears. This wonderful pastime can be customized to fit any tolerance for the elements, as many “campers” choose to spend their vacation playing Xbox within the comforts of the family

Kids on Leashes

      Recently, a practice has become popular that even some animal activists will agree is a bit harsh – child leashing.   Now before we really dive into this issue, let’s be clear. This debate is focused on healthy children without special circumstance. Those using this tool to handle medical conditions or cognitive impairments are why child

Unhandicapped Parking

    Everyone likes the wide open space that a “handicapped” bathroom stall provides. It’s comfortable. It’s private. It’s made for taking care of business.   In addition to its luxury spaciousness, the “handicapped” stall is the only stall with a changing table, enough room for a parent to accompany a small child who needs help and a large enough

The Rise of SpaghettiOs

  On May 16, 1965 a revolutionary children’s cuisine product was introduced to American consumers. This abomination of Italian food culture was, and still remains, one of Campbell’s Soup Co.’s most profitable products of all time – SpaghettiOs. (Uh, oh.)   The concept for canned SpaghettiOs was created by Donald “The Daddy-O of SpaghettiOs” Goerke,

Jerky and Beer

Warning: This blog post contains alcohol. Those enjoying it must be at least 21, or have a dad that will occasionally let them “try a sip”.       Since the beginning of time, men have enjoyed the simple yet complementary paring of cooked meat with the cold, foamy libation known as beer. It is the natural pairing of two ancient techniques used to nourish the

Pat “Home Brew” Jones

  Pat Jones is a man’s man. He resides in Mid-Michigan where he spends his time repairing bad Internet connections, exploring the wilderness and of course… brewing his own beer. Jones spoke with BOJ regarding the world of home beer making while taking a break from his hefty brew schedule this spring.     BOJ: First of all, Patrick… that